The Equine Health and Welfare Alliance, Inc.

The primary goals of the Equine Health and Welfare Alliance (EHWA) are:

  1. To enhance the education available today on the proper and humane care and management of horses, and to perpetuate that education into the future to all of those who care for horses.
  2. To create a voluntary accreditation program for rescue and retirement facilities (and their personnel) and to establish set standards of care.
  3. To raise and oversee distribution of funds to better the lives of horses today through benevolence and tomorrow through approved research.
  4. To provide a model for equine health, care, and welfare standards for organizations throughout the United States.

EHWA believes that by developing and maintaining a comprehensive network that provides education, research, and support for the basic needs of all horses that all horses will be allowed to live and die with dignity.

In order to fulfill these goals the EHWA will:

  • Campaign to secure perpetual, sustainable funding that will provide long-term financing for responsible equine health, care, and welfare education and programs.
  • Develop and implement voluntary accreditation programs that include education for caretakers and standards for rescue and retirement operations.
  • Assist in developing regional triage centers designed to care for horses in need and prepare them for new careers.
  • Support qualified research focused on equine health and welfare.
  • Provide financial assistance and support of projects deemed appropriate by the Kentucky Equine Health and Welfare Council.
  • Offer support to the equine industry operations in times of crisis or emergency.
  • Provide expertise for those seeking meaningful statutory reform securing the health and welfare of the horse.

All who share in these visions are welcome as members of the EHWA. We encourage you to not only donate funds to support these much-needed advances, but also to volunteer your time and expertise in making these efforts become reality as soon as possible.

EHWA has a core membership of veterinarians who understand the importance of humane care for all animals, including horses. They realize that every day horses wait for us to do the right thing. Will today be the day you help?

For more information contact EHWA at 859-227-0879; visit http://www.equinehealthandwelfare.org/, info@equinehealthandwelfare.org

, or donate at http://www.equinehealthandwelfare.org/donate-now/ehwa-donation-wall.

Taking care of horses–It’s the right thing to do!

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