. Reviewing current equine health and welfare standards and statutes to identify needed
improvements, solutions, changes or action, followed by advocacy and legislation.

. Providing an accredited standard of care for rescue and retirement operations. Offering online
exams and certification for individuals working on these farms, so that their resumes may show
their accreditation. Periodic updates will be required.
. Assisting local veterinarians in identifying and enforcing critical areas of need. This can include
sensitive health and humane issues, population control, enforcement of neglect and abuse
issues and education.

. Assisting equine industry members on how they can refine their business models to commit a
portion of their resources back into a system that guarantees the health and welfare of the
horse, without affecting their bottom line.

. Cultivate, manage and grow key programs with a portfolio of corporate partners which leverage
in-kind donations of products, services, and expertise.